Geek Wold GK3 fresh off the box impressions.

Early Impressions

With the Geek Wold GK3 having arrived on my doorstep just 2 full days ago, I immediately got down to business and opened it up. The packaging was in a black cardboard box with gold imprints of the brand and model, Geek Wold GK3, I might need to say it 3 times for the sake of the “3” there. The unboxing was brief, no noticeable factory defects and shipping issues, thank goodness! This can be purchased at Penon Audio for $19.99, right on the money for entry level audiophile stuff.


The build and looks of this is awesome specially at the price it was offered, I personally like the black cable and the 3.5mm L-plug that came with it. The carbon fiber faceplate looks decent and is a great compliment with the black cable. It was however a finger print magnet although we don’t care about that except when we want to take some fancy photos for our friends to see the Geek Wold GK3, there you go, I’ve said the brand and model 3 times, seems enough.
I picked up the nearest player I had and gave the GK3 a listen for a few songs that I had on my Sansa Clip+, Adele’s 21 album played on the spot. What greeted me was a boomy feel, okay here we go, bassheads watch out. The bass assumption was further supplemented when Adele stops her singing and let the instruments take the stage, separation and imaging was intimate, almost like they were stacked on top of each other. Vocals did show a hint of being forward and didn’t lose its clarity even if the boomy bass shows up. The highs were tame and no piercing peaks. I should be expecting a good time using this and writing the full review so stay geeked, wold you?

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