Meze 11 NEO Fresh off the box impressions.

Early Impressions

Having first heard of Meze Audio had me thinking of those Baltic masculine aura often depicted on movies and after seeing their product line, it indeed just screams in your face about where their motivation comes from. The Meze 11 NEO package even came busted and the box torn up on the side so thanks to the courier guys for it or whatever caused it. but that won’t be enough to provide a scratch on the monitors itself. The package was a cardboard white cardboard box and was glad that they included a round case to store the 11 NEO’s in. The accessories were superb, take note they included a Comply T500 right of the box which was already a cool thing to include.

Taking out the MEZE 11 NEO was a breeze and the first thing I noticed was the cables non-sticky, non-slippery feel even being a round cable which one would normally find on a stock earphone that came with mobile phones. The hue and shade chosen for both the 11 NEO’s Gun Metal and Iridium colors are very pleasing to the eyes which mainly targets the male population, it doesn’t scream notice me yet it is elegant enough to be on a tier on its own. With Meze choosing to include mic controls on its OFC cable is great, it works great and love the fact that it is very tactile when pressed and responds accurately.

Having stated all this features I opted to use it with my OnePlus 3T phone and Opus 1 off the box and it sounded laid-back in its presentation. I played the whole Chainsmokers Memories, Don’t Open album on them and the end to end presence are very engaging. It was so relaxing that I was able to appreciate the pace and beat of the album, they worked seamlessly. This would be a very hard review for the fact that the 11 NEO is making me want to relax so stay when I would finally be free of its embrace and release the full realview.

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