Tin Audio T2 fresh off the box impressions.

Early Impressions 
Always on the lookout for promising audio offerings, I chanced upon hearing of the Tin Audio company which had me thinking about some metal oriented design language and after seeing the Tin Audio T1 before confirmed such assumption, they did indeed offer the metallic look on their audiophile products. Little did I know that a series of fortunate events would have me agreeing to review their latest offering, the Tin Audio T2. 
Unboxing the Tin Audio T2 was a pleasure right after removing it from the glossy white rectangular cardbox package it had. I allowed my girlfriend do the unboxing and heard her exclaim “there’s a book in here” after seeing the blue flip flap container it had, seeing the fascinated expression on her face had me saying that Tin Audio nailed this aspect of the product. 
The Tin Audio came installed with stock blue foam ear tips. The metal build of the T2 had my personal approval and not only did it have a premium feel, the minimalist design language also provided a non eye-catching look but once observed, is a looker. The cable was supple and had a good round braid on it and no kinks here and there.
I paired the Tin Audio fresh off the box with the Opus 1 playing the Fleetwood Mac album(16/44). It offered an easy listening experience showcasing a balanced sounding signature, the instruments being played were articulate and defined which aided in the imaging doing a good job. The soundstage didn’t offer a spacious feel yet not intimate as well. Highs and Lows were synchronizing well with each not giving more than that is desired from them so wait a bit there you bass and trebleheads. I’ll have this running on different players and do a complete review after the burn-in process, up to you if you believe it or not but this is a dual dynamic setup so let’s have it out of the way. Stay tune!



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