Tin Audio T2 Pro Realview.

It wasn’t long when I reviewed the Tin Audio T2 and only after approximately 2 months later, Tin Audio has decided to release a refreshed version of it in the form of the Tin Audio T2 Pro which we will tinker and see if it warrants the Pro in its name. The T2 had positive feedback from its users especially due to its balanced sound along with its exceptional build quality capping it off on a price that doesn’t break the bank. Some have even dared mod the vents it had on the faceplate, guess the price wasn’t a thing to worry on the T2 for them. The Tin Audio T2 Pro however is priced at $59.99 which is a $20 price difference, it is however recently released on Massdrop for a pre-order price of $49.99, feel free to check it out. The T2 Pro sports dual dynamic drivers in 10mm woofer + 6mm tweeter configuration but is tuned to please even more, the T2 Pro still comes with an Impedance of 16Ω, 12-40000Hz FR and still on the MMCX interface albeit with a higher quality component of which is not stated in the manual. With all these configurations and price difference, is the Tin Audio T2 Pro really a Pro to cop or a Con?

Note: Part of this realview might be similar as well with my T2 realview especially regarding the packaging, build quality, the stock cable and the accessory set.

Packaging and Build Quality

Packaged in the same white glossy white cardboard box as the T2, the T2 Pro package only differs with the Tin HiFi branding placement and of course the Tin Audio T2 Pro model name on the upper front corner. The Tin Audio logo is also present and is well-thought, one that I would be proud to parade. Opening the cardboard box reveals the matte navy-blue book with a cream palette interior which is very pleasing to the eye, Tin Audio nailed this one, again. The manual covers the T2 Pro underneath. Seeing the T2 Pro initially is kind of a letdown with how similar it looks with the T2 which is almost identical. Checking the manuals description for the T2 Pro’s color shows “gun color” which I think is intended to be Gun Metal, at this point though, the shade of the metal used on the T2 Pro has lighter hue which made identifying the T2 Pro easier despite having the T2 and T2 Pro being put side by side. The IEM itself has heft to it and feels premium.

The T2 Pro still has a vent on the round faceplate and another on the lower portion of the nozzle, using the foams attached on the T2 didn’t block the vent when in use which is unlike other IEMs which is blocked right away when used failing to function as a vent otherwise. The cable is supple and uses the round braid, it is a 1.2M 5N OFC silver-plated wire. The male MMCX interface on the cable is transparent which adds to its sleek look with L and R markings respectively. The 3.5mm Carbon fiber gold-plated straight plug used on the T2 Pro now has a bigger housing and is silver with digitized camo on them as opposed to the T2’s gold housing with black digitized camo which is the T2 and T2 Pro’s biggest aesthetic difference. Microphonics is minimal and the Y-split and 3.5mm plug has adequate strain relief, no cable cinch was present and the included silicon tips was left untouched and unopened ever since. No pouch and case were provided as well again which would have been a welcome accessory with the price increase it had. The mentioned vents would be put to the test in our Sound analysis once again.


The Tin Audio T2 Pro underwent the “recommended” 50-hour burn in period “necessary” for dynamic drivers. I used the same tracks that I had used with the T2 which was MJ’s The Girl is Mine in DSD on the Opus 1 and indeed still provided the smooth experience but there is noticeable bump on the upper midrange and treble on the T2 Pro. The lows were still defined, the midrange articulate and the highs crisp with greater extension than the T2 ever had. Progressing through MJ’s Thriller album supplemented the fact that the T2 Pro is still indeed a balanced sounding product.


Tin Audio stayed true to its sound from the T2 especially on the low-end, T2 Pro’s bass is still clean and lean. MJ’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” in DSD on the Opus 1 delivered a full-bodied bass impact with a non-overbearing sub bass. There are no major changes on the low-end performance of the T2 Pro against the T2 except for a subtle depth on the mid bass impact. The lows on the T2 Pro still knows when to provide you the clean and lean bass and when not to.


The T2’s midrange is its cherry on top and while that can still be said of the T2 Pro, it is clear that there is a new king in town for Tin Audio’s new T2 Pro. MJ’s “Heal the World” in DSD on the Opus 1 still gives that lush outcome especially on the 1:45 to 2:02 part. Vocal range was well pronounced and the male and female vocals were still natural and still on point in clarity. The T2 Pro retains the aspect that made the T2 great and by doing so, users that would opt to get the T2 Pro over the T2 would not be losing out and having second thoughts about it.


My oh my, Tin Audio gave the T2 Pro the one thing that would complement it very well, a great upper frequency kick, what a kicker I’d say. Lenny Kravitz’s “Always on The Run” in 16/44 on the Opus 1 was used to once again check the T2 Pro’s highs, the T2 was already hovering on being borderline sibilant and yet with the T2 Pro, Tin Audio still managed to add a little bump on the highs that still didn’t induce sibilance, the treble is still distinct and detail retrieval excellent. The T2 pro was able to give out great upper frequency extension and the lacking sparkle that isn’t found on the T2 when it came to town.

Soundstage and Imaging

The vents on the T2 Pro still does the job just like the T2 does which is a good thing for those once again ready to mod their T2 Pro’s. Covering the vents indeed altered the signature which made the soundstage too intimate when covered. The T2 Pro still showcases intimate staging which reinforces the affinity it has for the acoustic genre but pans out better than the T2. Imaging was not too tight on the T2 Pro and yet still articulate; each instrument is distinguishable most of the time. With sparkle being present and the upper frequencies having the extra bump, imaging greatly benefited from these configurations.


The Tin Audio T2 Pro is released at a rather abrupt timeline considering the previous release cycles of the T2 and the T1 which makes users quite uneasy but as some say, why fix what isn’t broken, right? Then and there, that quote is highly embodied by the Tin Audio T2 Pro in relevance with the Tin Audio T2. The Tin Audio T2 was already an excellent audiophile product in itself and the minor changes the T2 Pro underwent were for me, good enough to warrant the price increase. I had previously gone about how the T2 3.5mm housing lost its gold luster after a week’s use and that is addressed by the T2 Pro with the bigger silver digitized camo 3.5mm housing, a pouch or a cable cinch is however still welcome. Although the overall look and feel of the T2 Pro is similar to the regular T2, those that are hesitant of picking up the T2 which might be a little lifeless for them would find that the excellent choice to add a minor bump in the upper frequency resulting in a still balanced sounding T2 Pro but capable of easily spicing the signature with a much-needed sparkle is in itself a great upgrade worthy of being called a Pro.

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