Audio Realviews x Linsoul Collaboration SALE!

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is finally on us and it only means one thing to most of us consumers, PRICE DROPS!

Audio Realviews in part with Linsoul which has been one of our site’s review unit providers are also taking part with these Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday price drops which you can use on their LINSOUL AMAZON site for a 15% price drop across ALL products, just use the code: LINSOUL2018.

Notable products which are included on the 15% price drop are the following:

Knowledge Zenith ZSN (This isn’t your laid back nor forward sounding midrange performer but instead plays safely on the neutral midrange sound.)

Knowledge Zenith ZSA (The ZSA comes with a good stock cable at best and along with its sturdy build and comfortable silhouette while still being able to give out a rather flat response with subtle focus on the lower midrange and a soft treble bite gives the ZSA a chance to be included in your entry level collection.)

Knowledge Zenith AS10 (Female vocals mimic the sense of masculine presence, Norah Jones’s Come Away with Me and Land Del Rey’s Cherry was lush and full, inviting and will indulge the listener to relax and take it easy. Even Foo Fighter’s Best of You still retains the authoritative vocal presence and still clear and had great resolution. I even used the AS10 for movie watching for its great performance on the midrange.)

Knowledge Zenith BA10 (Norah Jones’s Shoot the Moon in 16/44 Flac which possessed more upper midrange focus still has good clear delivery and renders it naturally yet a bit devoid of energy which would have been great for that added feel of liveliness. Guitar plucks however were distinct and resounded well even when accompanied with wind instrument tones.)

Tin Audio T2 (Vocal range was well pronounced and the male and female vocals were realistic. It is clear that this is made for listening to acoustic music. The midrange of the T2 will be the reason you’d be wanting to add this on your shopping cart.)

Tin Audio T2 Pro (Imaging was not too tight on the T2 Pro and yet still articulate; each instrument is distinguishable most of the time. With sparkle being present and the upper frequencies having the extra bump, imaging greatly benefited from these configurations.)

BGVP DMG (The silver treble boost filter does the trick for the DMG, the low-end is diffused faster, midrange a tad clearer and upper frequency with the much needed bump. This might sound too much of a change for some but that is just how the DMG sounded with the reference filters at the low-end and highs, enough but lacking.)

TRN V80 (The bass performance however is cleaner than the sub bass and gives an overall pleasing reverb on the V80 signature. This would be respectable for the bass heads and will be a welcome treat for those needing their shot of bass every once in a while.)

SHOZY HIBIKI MK2 (The sub bass on the Mk2 is fat coupled with great extension for both the left and right channels. Bass drop is thumpy and transitions smoothly towards the midrange giving the Mk2 its signature warmth. Notable rumble is also observed.)

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