TENHZ P4 Pro Realview.

TENHZ previously Audbos is another newcomer brand which I bet you can already guess where they have risen from, and ready to slug it out with the Magaosi’s, Shozy’s and the Kinera’s with their overall similar build silhouettes and pricing schemes. The TENHZ debut wasn’t shy and right off released 2 offerings, the TENHZ K5 and the P4Pro priced at $150 was sent to by Linsoul and DD Audio in exchange of an honest review,you can check it out or grab a pair from the Linsoul Amazon site and DD Audio AliExpress site.

The TENHZ P4 Pro is spec’d out with 4 Balanced Armature drivers, one being the 22955 Knowles BA drivers for the bass and 3 Tenhz developed BA drivers for the midrange and the highs. The P4 Pro housing is made from 3D printed smoked resin and has a pseudo-ciem silhouette which reminded me of how the Kinera H3 got popular with. It has a10Hz-40kHz Frequency Response, 26 Ohms Impedance and an 110dB Sensitivity.

Packaging and Build Quality

The TENHZ P4 Pro came in a simple white cardboard box adorned with the P4 Pro outline, accessory set description and its FR chart. Pulling up another cardboard insert will immediately reveal a lovely brown leather case with a metallic slab of the TENHZ Audio brand, the inside of the case is black velvet and indeed had enough space to store the P4 Pro’s unlike some of the recent cases that came with some earphones that barely fits making storage of earphones a cumbersome. Underneath the case is the warranty card and manual and completely lifting up the cardboard insert will show the P4 Pro along with a set of red barrel black silicon ear tips (S, M, L)and another set of black foam ear tips(S, L) with the M being pre-installed on the P4 Pro.

The P4 Pro is made from 3D printed smoked resin which shows no weird jagged edges and the internal wiring can be discreetly observed which was done well. The BA drivers are clearly observable as well especially the 22955 Knowles BA drivers and there are also 3 tubes connecting the BA drivers directly to the nozzle covered by a metal mesh and has a lip making ear tip rolling welcome and the MMCX connection is also done well on the P4 Pro.

The stock cable comes out as silver which led me to assume that this could be another silver-plated copper due to the absent of actual cable specification from the manufacturer themselves. A touch of tension can be immediately noticed on the cable making them easy to fold and keep while still not retaining the folds. It uses a matte silver straight gold-plated 3.5mm plug with a clear strain relief, the aforementioned tension makes the strain relief somewhat a redundancy. The Y-split is a matte silver barrel type one and the MMCX housing is once again clear with a nice clear memory wire for over ear usage which did its job well. Microphonic noise is almost zero.


Being marketed as a completely transparent earphones made me wondered if it was for the overall look of the P4 Pro due to its smoked shells and the clear cables used or the sound itself, yeah whatever I think then. The P4 Pro came with foam ear tips although I chose to grab the Comply T500 for the realview, 16/44 FLAC files off the xDuoo X3ii and the Sony CAS-1 via an MSI GF62-8RE and Foobar2000 v1.4. The P4 Pro overall gave a flat signature with an emphasis on the upper frequencies which eventually gave the great synergy it had with the Comply foams ability to clean the upper end and amplify the lack luster low end.


I haven’t had the chance to try any Audbos products from where the TENHZ brand sprouted off although from the P4 Pro’s low end performance it would be safe to say they might have indeed had a hard time creating a smooth and clean low end. Anathema’s Distant Satellites provided a soft mid bass and a non-reverberating feel for the sub bass drops. Decay was a tad slow on the bass and speed suffered as well making the low end give out an overall lingering feel towards the lower midrange spectrum.


It is probably expected already for the Midrange to do some heavy lifting with how the low end performance ofthe P4 Pro extended towards the midrange territory. Michael Jackson’s Baby Be Mine showed how the lower midrange was able to compliment the low end bleed and render the midrange sound relaxing yet still sounding distinct and breathy with how the upper midrange was extended. Male and Female vocal and midrange oriented tracks did great on the P4 Pro, something to be retained in case TENHZ releases another IEM.


With my personal preference for the Bright signature, checking the high frequency performance is always a welcome experience. The TENHZ P4 Pro came to my party sporting an already weak low end while parading a great midrange. Daft Punk’s Beyond right off the bat highlighted the P4 Pro’s midrange strength and masking the low end although at the 0:43 mark, the sudden burst of the highs showed where the middle ground of the P4 Pro is, its highs. The intermittent delivery on the highs while still being detailed and delicate made the P4 Pro sounded flat overall and the then lackluster low end performance finally made it a welcome tuning.

Soundstage and Imaging

Taking cue from the higher ups, I pulled out another Daft Punk track, this time the “Within”. The P4 Pro created its stage rather intimate than wide. Imaging was definite with a clear sense of its separation against the different instrumental and vocal deliveries. The intimacy created by the P4 Pro supplemented an already great midrange performer with its strong points being on the acoustic genre. I’ll be enjoying using this on some alone time, too bad alone time is rare for me.


The TENHZ P4 Pro relies heavily on its clean silhouette and great leather case with a flat signature implemented cleanly without being off tone nor off with its timbre delivery.The cable is just what you need really; stays in place, easy to store and the stellar absence of microphonic noise without giving up being looking good and not weird. The sound is easy to the ears and to like especially with its peers being either strongly implemented with a warm sound or a distinct bright performer,the P4 Pro will keep a welcome companion on the flat sound signature. Did I say that they sit comfortable on the ears too? With all those said, would I recommend the TENHZ P4 Pro? Read the realview again.

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  1. I don’t know who the reviewer is, but the review would be useful if it was written in better English using more punctuation and a sentence construction that relayed ideas rather than a weird stream of consciousness. Its as if it was written in a foreign language and then translated by a machine. And how on earth can you hope to get any idea of how good these earphones are if you only listen to Daft Punk and Anathema( whoever they are)? Try something taxing like ‘ a capella ‘ choral singing or solo piano, and listen for clarity and presence, and lack of harmonic distortion. Not a helpful contribution I’m afraid.

    1. Thanks for the insights and will surely work on providing a more thorough review. Try to check out the tracks I mentioned as well and you might get an idea.

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